Our mission

Transforming professional services through a new type of supplier – the Vico

We are transforming the professional services industry. By doing that, we’re rewriting the history of collaboration between businesses and freelancers – with the best of both worlds.

For ages, companies have been working with external service providers – companies or freelancers. Which things will be outsourced to the companies and which to freelancers is in line with Ronald Coase’s theory of the firm. It states that the organization of work in firms makes sense when the services are too complex to be organized via the market. In concrete terms, this used to mean that tasks went to freelancers and projects to companies.

It is time for a new path that shifts the balance to freelancers. This path is a necessity and an opportunity. After all, social and technological changes have led more and more experts to choose a life as a freelancer. It’s just that, until now, freelancers have not been able to offer what companies need for projects: well-organized, legally secure, and financially sound teams. That has traditionally been the territory of companies. A territory based on overhead and hierarchies, facing a shrinking supply of talent. But a territory.

Vicoland is not disrupting this territory. Instead, we are opening it up to the growing number of freelance experts. And for new, lean, and agile ways of working. This is how we create value for the professional services sector and the economy in general.

Facts & Figures
More than 10,000 freelancers in over 650 Vicos from 73 countries.
More than 100 Clients with over 1,000 completed projects.
40 employees from over 19 nations

Shaping the future of team based work

We are a diverse, multicultural team from over 19 countries. We want to achieve great things and believe that today’s business world needs a new, better and more efficient professional services offering.

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