Vico “ZeuSWarE”

Many different projects in companies often cause difficulties in estimating the workload of different teams. This was also the case at management consultancy OMMAX, whose UX/UI design team was suddenly confronted by multiple requests from ongoing projects. The solution: Support from a Vico.

The Challenge

OMMAX’s UX/UI design team received requirements from several ongoing projects. Prioritization was only possible to a limited extent.

The team needed immediate support with the ability to customize the level of support and increase or decrease on short notice as needed.

To keep costs within budget, a mix of junior and senior designers was required.

The Answer

OMMAX chose the Vico ZeuSWarE from 3 proposed design Vicos – all with agency experience.

They started with a small test project, which was successfully completed. After that, the intensity of their partnership increased.

To sum it up

  • After 48 hours OMMAX had the choice between 3 Vicos.
  • Due to changes in project conditions, an additional team member joined Vico at a later point in the project.
“Working with Vicoland gives us the opportunity to flexibly expand our team when we need it.”
Marie Bossecker, Senior Consultant 

Vico “ZeuSWarE”

Customized software with value.

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