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From a single freelancer to a team of eight: Story of Theresa Lutz

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. After two years at Samsung, she realised that 9-5 wasn't her calling and decided to try her hand at full-time freelancing.
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Theresa Lutz is a Digital Marketing freelancer who formed Nutz, a Vicoland Vico (team of freelancers) in March 2021, and has experienced a tenfold increase in less than a year.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. After two years at Samsung, she realised that 9-5 wasn’t her calling and decided to try her hand at full-time freelancing. Contrary to what she had assumed freelancing would entail, she began working with internationally acclaimed clients from the very beginning, which she says would not have been possible without Vicoland. In her own words, Theresa Lutz tells her story.

“Theresa and the Nutz marketing team were able to jump on a highly important project in no time. Having said that, we were able to deliver on time with the expected quality. If you need help in digital marketing and beyond, they are the Vico to go for.”

Dominic Stenzel – Tupperware France S.A.

My Vicoland journey

After a long struggle of not being able to form a sustainable partnership with the contacts I’d established over the prior ten years in my career – primarily due to a lack of the right fit and time, I was lucky enough to find Vicoland through a contact I had at Samsung. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for introducing me to them; soon after, I contacted them to learn more about their business, and I was freelancing in no time. Vicoland played a major role in bringing me in contact with the big clients. 

I signed up for several sites before finding Vicoland, but none of them checked the boxes for me. On sites like Fiverr, it’s not only difficult to obtain clients, but you also have to establish yourself by taking on a lot of projects and working for a very low budget because you’re competing with lower-paid freelancers. On the other hand, some platforms would send me emails on an hourly basis for projects out of my area of expertise.

Although, it was initially tough to identify the proper team since, in my sector of operation, I require people with almost identical skills. I needed a graphic designer or a copywriter several times, therefore I needed to deal with people with whom I could build a long-term relationship, as they had to attend to multiple customers on multiple projects rather than just one.

However, It didn’t take long for me to find members for my Vico. I began my journey with two content writers suggested by the Vicoland consulting service team, seven months later, it’s a hardcore team of eight people and in less than a year we have seen an increase of 10X growth. During this time my Vico has worked on multiple projects with clients like Samsung and Tupperware.

So, In the end, everything worked out in my favor, and I’m beyond grateful for how my journey with Vicoland is unfurling.

What sets Vicoland apart

Vicoland is a relationship builder, not just a service provider. It’s a platform where partnerships are bilateral: between freelancers and corporations. The beauty of it is that if I win a client I have the opportunity to talk to him, make meetings, and operate as a company. That is what distinguishes Vicoland: form alliances, select projects based on your expertise, and collaborate with people of your tribe. So the way Vicoland works, i.e. forming long-term partnerships, is the type of job I’d like to do and the type of relationship I’d like to have.

“Nutz is responsive, quick and sharp. The ideal team to scale your digital marketing and online presence.”

Marco Schneider – myStromer AG

Tips for new freelancers

You Don’t Have To Be Pushed If You’re Working On Something You Care About. You are drawn to the vision. Vicoland will provide you with the opportunity to work on large projects, and would enable you to offer high-value solutions with the least amount of risk to your participants. Working with Vicoland is worthwhile since you can work on large projects without putting your agency at risk. All you have to do is book the number of people that are needed for a particular project – This allows you to grow without any risk.

The impact of Vicoland

If you’re a freelancer who doesn’t have a large network of connections when you first start, you’ll need to be visible on a variety of platforms, or at the very least on one platform that is ideal for you. For these freelancers, Vicoland is the one. With Vicoland I have made my presence known on a marketplace where I can sell my skills.

So, it’s a fantastic opportunity to expand and work on large projects without taking any risks to workers, and simultaneously gain valuable experience in expanding your portfolio. If you sign up, you have nothing to lose. Now is the perfect time to join Vicoland since it is developing and you will have the opportunity to be a part of something significant from the beginning and grow with it.

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