Your Vicoland benefits

Vico is short for virtual company. Vicos organize freelance labor in stable teams. They are able to deliver projects at lower cost and higher quality than traditional IT consultancies, digital agencies or IT system houses.

Also, Vicos avoid problems related to false self-employment. They are lean (no overhead) and flexible in staffing the best experts for each project. Vicos operate on the Vicoland platform which provides a secure legal, organizational and financial framework for your projects.

A more efficient way of working – virtual companies (Vicos) instead of agencies or consultancies

Stable relationships with freelance-staffed Vicos, but avoiding the risk of false self-employment

Choice between customized or public Vicos, all consisting of skilled experts

A digital platform providing a secure legal, organizational and financial environment

Hire one Vico, get a team of experts

Scaling virtual teams on your request

Does your project need another team? Get in contact with us and we will find the right Vico for your project.

How it works


Set up the requirements


Select a Vico which offers the services you need


Contact the spokesperson


Get a professional offer, negotiate it, and when it fits your requirements, agree via Vicoland Offer Generator


Get a contract corresponding in all details to the agreement via Vicoland Contract Generator


Track your project progress and approve when it's done

Vicoland pricing model

Vicoland asks for a 6.3% (or 630.- EUR minimum) fee on all projects.
This fee is added on top of offers created by Vicos and transparently requested from clients on payment of the projects.

Security and transparency through Vicoland

Vicoland’s web-based platform provides the organizational, legal and transactional framework that makes working with Vicos secure and transparent. At least as much (and often more) as with established digital agencies or consultancies. Here some key features of the Vicoland SaaS solution giving clients security and transparency:


  • Briefing integrated into Vico offer process
  • Vico’s detailed task assignment integrated into offer process
  • Support functions for offer negotiation
  • Project status tracking – operationally and financially
  • Orderly changeability of set-up during running project


  • One (and only one) contract for your company with Vico for whole project
  • Contract automatically reflecting project agreement in detail
  • Orderly changeability of contractual arrangement during running project


  • Payments only following your approval of task fulfillment via secure escrow service
  • Only one payment to one recipient

Questions & answers

What is Vicoland?

Vicoland is a platform featuring a web-based software as a service (SaaS) which provides all necessary organizational, legal and transactional conditions for founding virtual companies (Vicos) and for establishing and managing the relations between clients and Vicos. Using Vicoland clients get access to a larger and more efficient supply of professional services.

What exactly is a “Vico”?

Vico is short for “virtual company”. A Vico is a team of freelancers collaborating and offering services for projects needing a team.

How do I book the service?

You can contact Vicos or get in contact with us through our contact form. We will get back to you right away.

Why do I need Vicoland for working with a Vico?

Vicoland’s SaaS makes your relationships with Vicos legally and financially secure. It also gives you transparency on which services will be exactly delivered to you and how.